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I think…I LOVE IT. I don’t know what is going on here, but it ain’t a country song. It isn’t what we’ve seen through the first three albums of Sturgill Simpson. This is what he said about it a month or so ago at Comic Con

We went in without any preconceived notions and came out with a really sleazy, steamy rock n roll record. It’s definitely my most psychedelic,” Sturgill said. “And also my heaviest. I had this idea that it’d be really cool to animate some of these songs, and we ended up with a futuristic, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, samurai film”

And…uh…accurate? I never saw myself as a guy who would be excited about a anime post-apocalyptic samurai film, but here I am. “Sing Along”  has a weird sort Weezer blended with ZZ Top and ELO and kinda bluesy electric vibe. I am just saying words, but whatever it is sounds good to me. The album is one for one with singles. The rest of the album will be released on September 27th


Album track listing

  1. Ronin
  2. Remember To Breathe
  3. Sing Along
  4. A Good Look
  5. Make Art Not Friends
  6. Best Clockmaker On Mars
  7. All Said And Done
  8. Last Man Standing
  9. Mercury In Retrograde
  10. Fastest Horse In Town

And obviously there is the much talked about film associated with the album coming to Netflix. That will be launched simultaneously. Football is back. Sturgill is back. It’s going to be a great Fall.

PS: If I ran I would say that “Sing Along” would be a great running song, but I don’t.