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Police Are Searching For A Serial Wedding Crasher Who Is Attending Receptions Uninvited And Then Stealing The Gifts

NBC - Police are asking for help in their search for a serial wedding crasher who attends ceremonies uninvited and allegedly steals gifts intended for the unsuspecting couple.

An unidentified woman authorities have dubbed “The Wedding Crasher” has been allegedly preying on unsuspecting newlyweds in New Braunfels, Texas, and the surrounding area.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. I love a good criminal. But I simply cannot get behind this woman. This is a heinous crime. Stealing at a wedding! Where is the love? Weddings are supposed to be fun!

Now don’t get me wrong — I do enjoy a good wedding crash story. In fact, I think wedding crashing is totally fair if you can get away with it. And it’s probably pretty easy, too. No one knows every single person at a big wedding. I bet the bride and groom don’t even know everyone! No harm, no foul on the crash. Eat the food. Drink the alcohol. And dance the night away. To quote the great Omar, “It’s all in the game”.

But this lady….this lady broke the social contract. It’s like breaking the longstanding Church Sunday morning truce on the streets of Baltimore. She got WAY too greedy. Stealing gifts? Shame on her.

So here’s what she’s been doing:

Police say the woman primarily stole envelopes of cash and gift cards.

The suspect arrives uninvited to weddings, poses as a guest and then steals the gifts.

Honestly disgusting. This is like reading the newspaper to know when an entire family will be away at a funeral, only to take that opportunity to rob their house. No one would expect someone to do something so low, so that’s why she gets away with it.

Anyways, here’s her picture:


Pretty casual for a wedding. Puts no effort into her craft, but it’s so easy that she’s gotten away with it multiple times. I hate this lady. I think it’s time for a sting operation.

Fake wedding. Bait the fish. She shows up, boom. Arrested.