This Dude "Straight Fire Bro" Is Straight Fire, Bro

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So we're pushing into day 3 of this dude who does absolutely nothing but replay to my tweets with “Dude…straight fire bro!” The dedication and commitment to this trope is actually pretty remarkable. Between the Jets, Mets, Little League World Series, VMAs and Breaking Bad, I was tweeting a lot this weekend. I don't think dude has missed a single tweet since Saturday. Troll game is straight fire, bro.

Ordinarily this stuff happens and I just eventually forget about it after a couple days. But when you start pushing into the 72 hour territory and beyond, shit starts to get a little concerning. Chances are he's just your standard Twitter weirdo but then there's always the chance that he wants to eat my liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. I'm not saying that Jeopardy Jesse has been dethroned yet, but Straight Fire Bro Bro is creepin on a come up. God forbid those two ever team up. They'd have to share my skin suit. Even days Jesse wears it, odd days Straight Fire Bro Bro wears it.

PS – The inevitable “dude eating liver with fava beans and a nice chianti is straight fire bro!” tweet will make me laugh.