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A Howard University Student Asked To Play A Round Of Golf With Steph Curry, Howard Now Has Its First Ever D-1 Golf Program Because Of That ... What?

A little feel good story to end your Monday. Howard University – one of the more known HBCU – received a large enough donation from Steph Curry to create a men and women’s D-1 golf program. That’s awesome. But what’s even more awesome is how it came about.

As Steph said this all came about from a panel that Steph was on. This Howard student, Otis Livingston, knew Steph liked golf so he cornered him there to talk about it. That takes some serious balls to talk to a guy like Steph. Think about when you were in college. I wasn’t doing shit like that. I was more worried about whether to go to Two Keys, Tin Roof or Fish Tank.

Obviously Steph is worth a shit ton of money, but how much of a baller move is it to donate so much money a COLLEGE can have an entire golf program. Both men and women even. That’s an absolute baller move no matter who you are.

How about the student though? You’re now a legend in the Howard community. You’re the one that got Steph to bring golf to Howard. That’s how you leave a mark. You get a little extra pep in your step walking across campus and can puff your chest out.