Comments Of The Week Update


So I've just been informed that TornOpen is pretty much the biggest scumbag commenter in the history of Barstool. I had no idea he was one of those dickhead commenters bashing El Pres regarding the marathon money. In all my days at Barstool, out of all the stupid commenter movements I've ever seen, the “you stole the marathon money” movement was by far the worst. The fact that any asshole legitimately thought we'd steal 250k that we promised to the victims of terrorism is just so unbelievably absurd. Even though we repeatedly said how we were gonna take our time picking a deserving person for the money raised. Just mind bogglingly stupid. And I'm sure a lot of commenters didn't actually think the money was stolen but just ran with it as a stupid joke but A) Thats just plain not funny, and B) TornOpen was the type who was leading the charge and making all sorts of threats about reporting Barstool and shit like that.

Long story short he's like top 5 biggest cocksucker in Barstool history. Had I known I would have never given him the opportunity to post his work on the same site he spends all day bashing. Thats not how it works. We all know its pretty much anything goes in the comments section, but when you cross the line and start accusing us of stealing Stoolies' money and fucking with terrorism victims its a whole different ballgame. Barstool Commenters are some of the best on the internet. Thats why I started up this feature in the first place – show you guys some love for your funny comments and Stoolie insight and shit. But fuck guys like Torn Open. You don't get to be an internet trolling, loser lunatic and then act like everything is fine and ask to contribute. Thats legit the last kinda dude we want here at Barstool and in the comments. So fuck Torn Open and anybody else that ever doubted Barstool's intentions. He was just on the schedule to do COTW this Friday, thats all. I pretty much let anybody who shows interest do it since this is kind of by the commenters, for the commenters. I just didn't know how much of a fucking dick he was.

Next week is currently supposed to be Tummystix…any objections? Is this guy an anti-Stoolie terrorist asshole like Tornopen or can we give him a shot?