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The World Championships Of Death Diving Continue To Be The Gnarliest Competition Of All Time

I don’t want to brag or anything, but you are currently reading a blog written by the #1 death diving blogger in the world. You can search the worldwide web far and wide, and you won’t find anybody who covers the World Championship of Death Diving more than I do. Unfortunately, I’m usually a little late to the party and end up missing it.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 8.38.02 AM

But this year I made it my goal to not miss out on the World Championships, and the fine Norwegian folks weren’t going to let me forget about it for a 3rd year in a row.

So this past weekend, the World Championships of Death Diving returned to Norway and holy hell, those savages did it again. I mean year in and year out, this continues to be the gnarliest competition known to man. It’s nothing but full send…

after full send…

after full send.

It’s like Olympic diving but only if you made them stop being a bunch of cowards and trying to land as perfect as possible. This competition right here is all about the style points, and it’s all about the carnage. Pretty much just “come as close to shattering your bones as possible without actually breaking anything” and you win. Plus the fact that most of these guys are diving in a pair of jorts instead of a speedo just adds to the bad assery of the competition.

So congrats to Kim-André Knutsen on coming the closest to shattering every bone in his body and winning this year’s World Championship of Death Diving. But now I think it’s time we send an American team over for 2020. Maybe the Double Vodka Don can be head coach.