White Twitter Erupts When Ben Affleck Gets The Batman Job



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There’s a war going on folks. An undercover war you may not even know about. A Race War that makes conflict in the Middle East seem like a walk in the park. Its White Twitter vs. Black Twitter. And right now, white folks, we’re getting our asses kicked. White Twitter is shit like outrage over movie roles. Instagramming food pictures. When was the last time you saw a black person Instagram some chicken and waffles? Never. Thats white folk shit. White twitter is creating White House Petitions for shit they don’t liek. i.e. :

To stop Ben Affleck from being the next Batman. Please dont let this travesty ruin Americas greatest comic book heros.

Benn Affleck has been selected for the next Batman movie which will pitt him against or in competition with Superman. This travesty against the American people must be stopped. Such a great American tale would be spun in this movie adventure yet we are all doomed to one of the greatest travesties against the movie going nation of the united States that we have ever seen. Stop this blasphemous obscenity from becoming reality Mr. Obama. You can not let this perversion of great story telling combined with awful, awful acting to be told. Its a crime against the American people. In the great words of Ronald Reagan: “Tear down this (batman casting mistake) Mr. Gorbechev.” Only by Mr. Gorbechev, I mean Mr. Obama.

Its either food pictures or White House Petitions or tweets about Breaking Bad. Thats it. Or like “My cousin is dying of cancer, RT to spread the word!” and all the white people retweet it even though it doesn’t mean a thing. Thats White Twitter in a nutshell. Fucking sucks.

Black folks run Twitter. Own that shit. Always have these long ass hashtags like #WhenYoBitchKeepsCallingYou or shit like that. Gets shit trending worldwide in a heartbeat. All these wacky acronyms. Say shit like Midas Whale and “Water you doing?” Just another area where we’re white and boring and blacks are having a blast and dominating. Its like the NBA or a dance floor. We need to step our game up.

PS – Ben Affleck will probably suck but this whole Batman vs. Superman movie in general will suck anyway so who cares?