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No Gambler Should Have To Go Through What Happened To Big Cat Last Night

Big Cat texted me this exact thing and before he texted me I thought he was over reacting on twitter. When you are losing money on pre season football on a Friday night it makes you say crazy shit. Boy was I wrong, he had every right to go bananas on twitter.

Let me tell you something there is not much worse you can do than being the hot tip guy in the middle of the game. Steven Cheah is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that is his life right there. When you see his name pop up about a hot tip for the Buccaneers and not to mention that he has been there all week basically following around the GM. So he knows everything that is going on and the tarp not being on all night means terrible conditions, of course you are going to take the second half under. Big Cats night could have been a winning one but it turned into a double loser chicken rat dog.

I have been in a similar situation as Cheah and he doesn’t gamble so I understand. It was nice of him to think about telling someone about the hot tip but just keep it to yourself. If you forgot to do it before the game you are the only one that needs to know about it. Big Cat would have never known and it would have been kept quiet. This gambling world is a scary place, we are all suckers for hot tips. There is no better feeling when you win a game because of a hot tip but there is also no worse feeling when you give out a tip and it loses horribly. (RIP Nevada Day) Sad day in gambling history.