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BREAKING NEWS: Josh Gordon is Reinstated!

Minnesota Vikings Vs New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium

What’s this? I wrote a blog not a couple of hours ago saying that I’ve had it with all the focus on when Brady’s career is going to end, how Brady’s career is going to end, why Brady’s career is going to end. Because the Patriots are loaded all over the field and we are all missing out if we don’t pay attention to that. And what happens?

They quite simply made the best roster addition of the 2019 off-season. By any team in the league.

What’s been the biggest concern for the Patriots heading into the season? Brady doesn’t have any weapons. Gronk is gone. Edelman is hurt. They’re thin at wide receiver. He’s going to have to rely on rookies like N’Keal Harry and a UDFA like Jakobi Meyers. Yeah, about that.

They just re-added the guy who led the NFL in Receiving Yards over a two month stretch. Whose 18.0 YPR was second in the league behind only DeSean Jackson. Whose 10.6 Yards Per Target from Brady was better than all but five other wide receivers (and three tight ends). A guy who balled out and played hard and broke tackles and blocked upfield for his teammates. Who was humble and hard-working in a league that is lousy with highly paid, coach-killers at his position. Now all those guys we were going to be relying on can come along slowly. Learn behind the best physical specimen in the game. Now our WR2 his a WR3, the 3 is a 4 and on down the line.

If I was a defensive coordinator in this league, I’d either start praying Gordon runs afoul of the NFL’s Piss Patrol again or I’d start strongly considering doing massive bong hits myself. But I’m not them. I’m just Pats fan who wants to start warming up the Duckboats.

Super Bowl parade

Finally the NFL has done something right. Have a great weekend, everybody!