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I Didn't Hear No Bell

New York Yankees right fielder Ichiro Suzuki  is congratulated by teammates after recording his 4000th hit against the Toronto Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium.

NEW YORK — Ichiro Suzuki was overwhelmed by the outpouring of appreciation he received from the Yankees after he got his 4,000th hit between the major leagues and Japan in the first inning. The celebration after Alfonso Soriano’s tiebreaking homer in the eighth was pretty nice, too. Soriano connected off R.A. Dickey with two outs in the eighth inning Wednesday night, lifting New York to a 4-2 victory over the Blue Jays for Toronto’s 12th straight loss at Yankee Stadium.

Hitting milestones of accomplishment and winning games, that’s what Yankees baseball does! This team is hot and only getting hotter as we head into the home stretch of August and into September, and there is only one person that we can thank for this. It isn’t Kiroda who has been lights out all year, and it isn’t Soriano who continues to go yard when we need it. It is KFC who so graciously cuncelled our season on August 8th only to see us go 10-3 since then. Thanks a ton you fucking mush.

Seriously though we have 6 against the Rays, 7 against the O’s and 7 against the Sox with a bunch of games against bottom of the barrel teams left. If we can’t beat up on the bad teams and get up for games against division rivals we don’t belong in the playoffs anyway. We basically control our own destiny.

Other Yankee Stuff

  • ARod shuts up his lawyer: Solid move by a solid guy (unless he goes 0-4) to just focus on baseball and let the legal shit hit the fan in the off-season and win now.
  • Dempster Suspended: He was suspended but it won’t really effect him, whatever. Dude is a loser who is only known for doing a Harry Caray impression and being the best guy on the Cubs for a while. That’s like being the world’s tallest midget and no one gives a fuck.
  • Nix Injured: He was playing well for us but it looks like he is done for the year with a fractured hand which takes away from our depth but we are getting to the point where we have to run our best guy out there until the wheels fall off anyway.
  • Jeter Rehabing: Going to play a few games in Scranton and maybe be back at some point this weekend. This is the time of year he shines so hopefully it is long term, like October long.

Can we get a couple of Viva La Stool pics from the Stadium? @BarstoolJJ