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Louisiana Lafayette Coach To Require Players To Donate To Schools Athletic Scholarship Fund (Not Kidding)

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We've talked time and time again about the NCAA restricting their athletes from profiting off of their image and likeness. It's pretty much communism.

However, the problem within college sports goes far beyond just the NCAA offices, but the coaches too. The latest example comes from Billy Napier:

SOURCE-UL football coach Billy Napier unveiled a new team rule in his normal mid-week August camp press conference Wednesday. Starting with the beginning of this school year, all scholarship UL football players will be required to be a minimal level $50 member of the RCAF. The rule will be optional for walk-on members of the squad.

No, this is not from Not The Onion.

“It’s all about gratitude,” Napier said.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Gratitude says Billy Napier, who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year coaching these players. You think Napier is going to donate anything? Probably not. That's his money and he can do what he wants with it! Nothing football coaches like more than teaching their players "life lessons that are bigger than football" (like gratitude) in bizarre ways.

Now, UL-Lafayette players are not going to be offered money left and right. However, requiring players to donate money to an athletic scholarship fund? Excuse me?

"Hi, Paul, we are happy to offer you a scholarship to play for Louisiana Lafayette."

"That's great coach!"

"That'll be $50, plus tax!"