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What's The First Thing That Men Notice About Women, And Women Notice About Men?

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 2.13.39 AMScreen Shot 2013-08-22 at 2.13.47 AM

Daily MailEyes, smile and breasts are the first things a man notices in a woman, in that order according to a new survey. The check list emerged amid a look at men’s impressions of women they meet for the first time, or pass in the street and vice versa. The results show that the stereotypical guy with eyes for only one thing seems to be disappearing, and a more soulful modern man is taking his place. As many as 70 per cent of the 1,000 men who took part in the study revealed eyes are what they gaze at first. Smile was second, and breasts were third, while hair and weight were also among the first things men notice. A large percentage of the 1,000 women who also took part in the study opted for an eyes first approach to forming impressions. The study also found following the eyes, smile, breast, hair, weight routine men’s eyes are drawn to a woman’s legs, dress sense, bottom, height and skin condition. The results from the women who took part in the research found after a man’s eyes, they take in their smile, height and hair.

Alright so this “study” was commissioned by an eye drops company, so no fucking wonder eyes rank number one for both. Makes a lot more sense, because there is absolutely no way 70% of men telling the truth would say “eyes.” This list has “dress sense” before ass? Get out of my face. This is a 3 part answer for dudes. Maybe 4. And no more. There are 2 variations of it, depending on which way shes facing.

If she’s facing the opposite direction as you:

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 10.42.38 AM


If its logistically possible, the first thing 95% of dudes are looking at is your ass. 100%. Lock it up, rub it down. Ass is King. Second comes the face. Notice I’m not breaking it out like “eyes,” smile” blah blah blah. Smile? Get the fuck out of here with that. Your face, on the whole, is number 2. Primarily important shit like your nose – you got a big honker? You got a weird bushy unibrow or anything? I’ll look at your teeth but to make sure you don’t have mangled chompers. And that includes hair, ears, chin. Basically the idea is how is your lid? Hows your helmet? If the whole top region is good, then we’re good to go. We’re not gonna break it down step by step. Don’t really care if you have a kind smile or some shit. And then finally your T’s. Tits are like a bonus to me. Icing on the cake. That ass is tight and your face is pretty, you’re in. Big boobs is an extra.

If shes facing you:

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 10.44.15 AM


Face first. Tits second since in this case they are staring right at you. But its not gonna be a deal breaker. You’ll take a look at the rack and analyze whether you’re impressed or not but its just a matter of circumstance. You’re waiting for her to turn around or stand up or whatever it may be in order to check out the rump. Face and butt still rule the decision of whether or not she’s hot, but you check out the boobs in the meantime.

The only time you can really add in a 4th item is if you can see the chick’s stomach. If you’re at the beach or the pool or whatever it may be. If you can see her body, stomach comes number 2 in both settings.

For chicks its pretty simple too:

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 10.58.27 AM


I don’t care what broads say in their survey, first thing they are all looking at is height. If you’re short you might as well be a leper. Chicks treat short dudes like guys treat fat chicks. Not ideal, but sometimes you settle. Thats how chicks think of short guys. Second probably is legitimately eyes because chicks are so gay. And then next is how much money you have. If you have a lot of #3, you don’t need #1 or #2. Direct negative correlation between wallet size and how tall you need to be/how nice your eyes need to be.

And theres the God’s honest truth. Theres only like 3 or 4 things that matter in this world when it comes to getting laid.