Study Shows Women Are Happiest With Their Bodies At Age 34

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Telegraph – Women are happiest with their naked bodies at the age of 34 – as they finally grow to love their lumps, bumps, and wrinkles, a study found. Those in their early thirties have typically settled into a long-term relationship, which boosts their self-confidence. And they have often learned which diet and exercise combination produces the best results, experts say. Model Kelly Brook and TV presenter Caroline Flack both turn 34 in November while presenter Donna Air and Kate Hudson have hit the age. Forty per cent of British women look at themselves naked every day, with a further 25 per cent looking once a week. However, a 16 per cent are so conscious of their wrinkles and imperfections they can’t bear to peak in the mirror while nude. Celebrity skin guru, beautician Nichola Joss said: “I have female clients of all ages and those in their early to mid-thirties typically have great body confidence. “They work hard to maintain the best body shape possible, are educated about eating well and treating their body with respect. “This brings them satisfaction. “Crucially, at 34 maturity levels are high. “Many 34 year olds I know have experienced either a loving relationship or close personal friendship and these bring confidence, both inside and out.”

So by “happiest” do you mean they realize they’re old as fuck, their biological clocks have pretty much expired, and they stopped caring about how they look because they’ve most likely settled down with a long term boyfriend? Because then yea, I believe that age 34 is when they’re “happiest.” Because when you reach the mentality of “Yea, I’m fat. But it just doesn’t really matter anymore” it can be very satisfying. Trust me, I know from experience.

Pretty sure almost every chick on the planet would trade their 34 year old body for their 20 year old body. They’d probably kill for their 33 year old body. And a 33 year old would kill for their 32 year old body. 32 would die for their 31 and so on and so forth. Because once a chick is old and married and knocked up and shit, every single day is the new worst day of her life. Every second her body is getting worse. They may claim to be “happy” but its more like they’ve just given up. You want the real test? Ask every boyfriend of those 34 year old chicks what age were they happiest with their girlfriends’ body’s. I promise you they’d all trade the 34 year old edition in for the 24 year old model in a heartbeat. There’s a reason dude’s love college chicks, and its not because they’re attracted to their maturity and their self image regarding their body. T, A and flat stomachs. You got that at 34? Rock on, everyone’s happy. If you don’t, stop lying to yourself.