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Mickey Callaway Said 85% Of The Mets Decisions Go Against Analytics Because They Don't Take Into Account Players Being Human Or Some Shit

For the love of God, will people STOP asking questions to Mickey Callaway? I know that there are a zillion people in the New York media paid to literally do just that. But at some point Mets fans need to stop reading quotes that either drive us crazy or contradict previous comments made by Callaway or someone else in the Mets franchise, and that doozy above does both!

I can live with a manager that clearly cannot manage his way out of a paper bag because it’s clear he’s not the one truly calling the shots. But to go at baseball analytics in the year 2019 of our Lord is like going after Round Earthers. Especially when the stuff Mickey is talking about are taken into account by certain numbers. I guess the “paper” those nerds use doesn’t take into account how a player will perform if he just found out his wife is pregnant or scared his knucklehead manager is going to fuck up the bullpen usage for the 100th time that season. But analytics do a pretty fucking good job at figuring out what will probably happen in a sport full of more 1-on-1 matchups than any of the other 3 major sports and it does realize that the living beings wearing the baseball uniforms are humans that have tendencies to do things certain ways along with distinct strengths and weaknesses. Plus you know who does use analytics? Pretty much every team with sustained success in baseball, including the Yankees and the Astros who the Mets were apparently afraid to deal with at the deadline.

Then again, Mickey’s GM was an agent a year ago and his COO’s qualifications were being formed in the right rich guy’s nutsack before playing a little bit of baseball in college then riding his last name all the way to the top of the franchise’s org chart. So I guess fuck us, right?

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P.S. I don’t care if Mickey is an analytics guy, a gut guy, or a sabermetrics guy. The Mets are a better team when the real Gary, Keith, and Ron are in the booth together.