Footage Of Tyler C And Gigi Hadid Hurrying Into Her NYC Apartment Is Really Something


There’s a chance I’m too interested in this story and the rest of the world has already accepted the fact that Tyler C from The Bachelorette is now going steady with supermodel Gigi Hadid but I haven’t. I’m fascinated by the whole thing and I see no end in sight of the fascination. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them and I hope they have a long and successful relationship, but boy oh boy we really do live in a simulation. This whole thing started when Gigi watched the show, thought Tyler C was hot, followed him on Instagram and now they’re the hottest young couple in NYC.

Seeing them hurry into Gigi’s NYC apartment made the whole thing feel real, like they’re really doing this. If I’m Tyler in that situation, I take my time walking into the apartment building. I really slow down my stride and let the paparazzi cameras get me from every angle. Obviously Gigi is super annoyed by the attention because she’s been in the game for awhile now and has over 49 million Instagram followers, but Tyler is sitting at a comparably paltry 2.1 million followers and now is the perfect opportunity to bolster that number. Tyler C and Gigi Hadid are a couple. Again, what a world.