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Times Square Cookie Monster Creepin On Naked Body Paint Chicks

Just a perfect, subtle portrayal of Time Square Cookie Monster. Here’s a full blown degenerate, undoubtedly tripping his balls off underneath his Cookie Monster costume, staring down a couple naked chicks contemplating how he could successfully kidnap them right in the middle of the busiest street on the planet. Dude was probably drooling underneath there debating whether the jail time he’d receive would be worth it. Like “Fuck it! I’m Times Square Cookie Monster. I’m gonna get arrested in a couple weeks for some shit anyway. Might as well make it worth it and grope these bitches.”

Either that or he’s straight up plotting his murder because two naked sluts in body paint are gonna steal his shine and theres limited panhandling dollars to go around.

In either scenario there are 2 things we know for sure A) Cookie Monster is high on drugs and B) Those girls are probably in danger.