Am I Actually Supposed To Be Impressed With This Viral Video Of J. Cole Playing Basketball?

A little confused here. Why is this going viral? The fact that J. Cole can shoot and has a decent looking jumper? Why are people impressed here? I’ll tell you right this second that I’m not. This is a pretty basic drill that anyone that was a decent high school basketball player could do. We’re talking about unguarded threes going around the world. Like I said, his jumper is clean but so are a ton of others that play every day. I was way more impressed with J. Cole back during this run

Again, call me crazy but if this is what it takes to go viral I’m about to run down to my gym and have myself filmed. Oh and it’d look even better since I’m a lefty. That’s just a fact. Bill Raftery even wants to know why lefties look so pretty.

I’m just not impressed with dudes shooting jumpers in an empty gym. It doesn’t matter who you are or what level you play at. Just show me how you play hoops instead. Like I said, I was impressed with J. Cole during the run with the players, but the fact he can go viral just shooting jumpers is wild.