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Chicago Bears Legend Jeff Joniak Finally Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame

*Chicagoland Sports Hall Of Fame

Robservations: Jeff Joniak, longtime radio voice of the Chicago Bears, will receive the Media Award from the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame September 25. Joniak will be one of 10 inductees [including] Harold Baines, Desmond Howard, Lou Holtz, and Patrick Kane. 

You know football season is around the corner when we’re opening up with the news that Bears radio guy and Chicago legend Jeff Joniak is getting inducted into a local Hall of Fame. Whether or not it’s a significant accomplishment is beyond me. 10 guys in the same class is a lot, but some of those names are pretty legit. Like *actual* hall of famers in their own professional or collegiate capacity. So let’s just assume it’s worth the $225 price of admission and reason enough to celebrate Jeff Joniak, unquestionably my favorite radio guy ever.

So while we wait for football and scratch the itch, here’s his best work. You’ll remember him best for DEVIN HESTER YOU ARE RIDICULOUS but my personal favorite is the 2007 Week 4 Preseason home game vs the Browns where he called a late, meaningless Chris Leak touchdown drive like it was a Week 16 2-minute drill in Green Bay with the division on the line.

Whatever your bag, if this doesn’t get your crotch blood flowing then you’re probably dead. 21 days, 10 hours and about 45 minutes until coin toss. Last question to answer is who’s got the kickoff?

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