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Wake Up With Nolan Arenado Trying To Fight The Entire Padres Organization After Being Plunked

I know this was only last year, but it's too good not to wake up with. Arenado got thrown at after a few Padres got hit the day earlier, he knew exactly what he was going to do. Pitch goes behind him and he doesn't waste anytime. Arenado sprits out to the mound, spikes the helmet with the catcher desperately trying to catch him, and he starts chasing the pitcher like he owes him money. Pitcher tosses his glove at him and is just running for his life. I'd be absolutely terrified if I was in his shoes. Backpedaling, backpedaling, and eventually he gets got. Nolan catches him and that is when all hell breaks lose. Everyone in uniform is out on the field and trying to rip each other apart. Nolan is now the hunted as all of San Diego is coming after him. Absolute madness. It keeps starting back up and dying down, but eventually cooler heads prevail. One of the more entertaining fights we've seen in the last few seasons, and man oh man is Arenado not one of the guys I would want to piss off.