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ISIS Fighter's Video Ruined By... Chirping Bird

Sometimes comedy just writes itself, & what unfolds in those 30 seconds almost reads like something out of a Monty Python sketch or something.

-ISIS Guy has to check his notes because he keeps forgetting the allegiance (not the US kind).

-ISIS Guy begins to say allegiance. Bird starts squawking so he has to stop.

-Bird goes quiet so ISIS Guy starts again.

-Bird starts sqauwking again. ISIS Guy pauses again.

-ISIS Guy has forgotten the allegiance again, has to check his notes again.

-Masked Buddy can barely make eye contact with anyone at this point, stares down at rug.

-Annoyed Cameraman shouts “Idiot!” at both the bird & ISIS Guy in a voice like Brain from Pinky & The Brain.

-Video ends ::fin::

By the way, looking at them closely, take the ISIS accessories away & it’s just two dorks in every-day collared shirts; Masked Buddy in striped Friday casual, ISIS Guy in a nice butter-yellow button-up blouse. And as much as I can sympathize with looking like a dum dum face on camera & having to do a zillion takes for something simple, I can’t vibe with the whole terrorism part. Big ups to the bird who kept interrupting the flow.