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Sit Back And Watch MJ Do Something So Wild The Announcers Scream 'I Can't Explain What He Did' Like The Announcers In 'Semi-Pro' With The Alley-Oop

This is all I can picture here. It’s these two announcers from Semi Pro that witness an alley-oop for the first time ever

This is just both peak 80s basketball and peak Jordan. It’s not a crazy move. He goes behind his back going right hand to right hand. Something we see all the time now (further proof we’re in the most talented era of hoops). The announcers simply have no idea how to explain what he did. You would have thought he walked on water – which according to people in Chicago he actually did.

Our guy Dragonfly Jonez puts it perfectly

I know people fucking hate talking about players today because they are divas. Take that away. Just focus on what they are able to do with the ball. Nikola Jokic pulls off that move Jordan did and no one bats an eye. Now imagine these announcers are able to time travel to 2019 and see this

I love these old videos. Always just a wild time to think this was all in my life time and how different shit is today. Like I said, this move isn’t that crazy. It’s a nice move, sure, but nothing that would ever make me lose my shit like this. This is why we’re in the best era of talent ever. Every dude can just play hoops and pull shit like this off.