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Aaron Rodgers Doesn't Give A Fuck What You Think About His Relationship With Matt LaFleur

“We [LaFleur & Rodgers] have a great line of communication. But I don’t, I’m not sitting up here wishing people, ‘I wish you just knew… this.’ I don’t care. I don’t need to go out and prove to anybody how great Matt and I are getting along. Or for him to stand up there and say how great it’s been.

Look, we’re having a great time. We’re communicating. And the conjecture is for click bait, news stories you guys can put on your website… Not you guys! I mean I like most of you people in here.”

You think you love someone and then they go and say something so perfect, so eloquent (conjecture!), that you just have to, well, take a second.

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t give a fuck about all the bullshit people say about his relationship with his coach. He’s not wasting energy attempting to dispel the narrative that people love to claim as the truth. Or with LaFleur speaking out against it. It doesn’t matter to him because he’s Aaron Rodgers – a man SO confident he actually looks sexy rocking a full stache.

That’s my quarterback.