Blake Griffin Of Blake Of The Year Fame, Says He Got Pity Texts After Being Traded Because He Has To Live In Detroit

*Starts right around the 16 minute mark* 

So essentially Blake was on this podcast and they brought up how he received a bunch of pity texts after he was traded to the Pistons from LA. In typical Blake of the Year fashion he answered it perfectly. Oh, you mean I get the same salary to play in the playoffs and have my money go longer?

He makes a valid point and one that I always think about when people talk about where NBA players choose to live. During the season he says he plays games, eats and goes home to watch basketball. You’re on the road for 41 games. Every game is indoors. It’s one of those where the weather isn’t the biggest factor unlike baseball or football.

If you’re just going to post up inside your house why not go somewhere where you’re not tempted to leave? I mean if you live in Detroit you’re not tempted to hit up the club. You’re not in LA where there’s shit going on all the time. You wait for the summer and then ball out.

Blake of the Year just keeps winning. Now if you excuse me I’m about to go hammer the Pistons over because of him. No word on if he needs to help save Detroit though