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Paul O'Neill Left The Yankees Broadcast Booth To Find Gary Thorne And Make Sure He Was Still Breathing After Gleyber Torres' 13th Homer Off The Orioles This Year

Words cannot express how much I love Paul O’Neill. O’s announcer Gary Thorne is literally on his death bed after watching Gleyber Torres hit his 11th, 12th, and 13th homers against the Orioles this year. Back in Baltimore earlier this year he almost had a heart attack during the game after they kept pitching to him. Last night he was on the verge of quitting his job and walking off air and here comes Paul O’Neill leaving the live broadcast from YES to find Thorne and ambush him on MASN. Savage.

Incredible. Jim Palmer looked like he was going to cry. What a moment. Paulie is a national treasure and I wish we had him on YES for every game. I’d take a bullet for that guy.

What Gleyber has done against Baltimore this year is just utter nonsense. How they continue to pitch to him is just mind bottling.

The guy just hates birds.