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Get Ready For Bill Walton's MLB Broadcast Debut With The Best Bill Walton Memories On Barstool Sports

Tonight is one of the most entertaining nights in baseball. Bill Walton is joining the White Sox broadcast – for an entire game. That’s right. We’re getting Walton in the summer to get us ready for late night hoops this winter. Personally, I think we should have more of Walton – let him call a football game too.

Now this blog is going to be reminiscing the great times we’ve had with Bill. It’s no secret we are big Walton fans here at Barstool. I went and searched his name in our search feature and I see we have over 60 blogs dedicated to him. Now obviously this doesn’t go all the way back to the start of Barstool, but as far as our search feature goes, which honestly who knows.

There will be a ton of embedded tweets so be ready. It’s also Friday in the summer. Plug those headphones in and enjoy the beautiful ramblings of a crazy man. Let’s start with these gems that because of DevNest I can’t get videos on and the blogs are pretty much broken. The headlines will tell you enough though:

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 3.57.18 PM

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 3.58.08 PM

In 2015 Walton did a Reddit AMA. It’s pretty much like Creed’s Thoughts – it’s a little too wild, even by Walton standards. We get him talking about being milked. Let me write that again. Bill Walton talks about being milked. He also debates if he could beat Abraham Lincoln in a knife fight

Walton tried to make Danny Ainge a deadhead. I have a feeling Walton tried to make everyone a deadhead

Let’s stick with the Grateful Dead theme shall we? Of course, of course, he gave Dave Pasch bottled air from a concert

And Dave Pasch. Poor, poor Dave Pasch. Luckily for him, Walton is calling the White Sox game with Jason Benetti. Why would I say that? Well let’s dive into the Walton/Pasch dynamic

He asked him how his dead dog was

He invited Pasch’s 12 year old son to tour with him and go see Grateful Dead, still shocked Pasch said no

He sends Pasch asinine texts like this

He leaves Pascch for the start of OT because he has to piss and doesn’t miss a beat. Just walking through the sideline as the game goes on

Potentially my favorite Walton video. Sitting next to Pasch he decides to just bite in a candle that is still very much lit

It’s not just Pasch either. He was asked by Benetti how high he was on air

He joined Ralph Lawler for his last call on the Clippers. He thought a two-way player meant their sexual orientation and had no idea that the Jazz were in Utah

We all know Bill Walton fucking loves his bike – but he lost his bike

All the times he was just high as hell

And then most recently some little sneak peeks for his baseball debut. We had him delaying the Padres start because he wouldn’t stop talking and delivering a first pitch

And of course his call into the White Sox game earlier this week