Neymar's Sister Can't Stop, Won't Stop Posting Bikini Pictures And Telling PSG That 'They Won't Win Anything Without My Brother, You Fuckers'

[Source] – Irate fans held up banners which told Neymar to “f*** off” and supporters were also heard chanting that the player was a “son of a b****”.

Rafaella took exception to the mocking of her £198million bro with a raging tweet.

She wrote: “What a disgusting and disrespectful heap of humans you all are! “You wish you still had my brother at your team. You will win nothing without him. F***ers.”

I’m absolutely loving this back and forth between PSG and Neymar. If you haven’t paid attention, pretty much Neymar wants out. He signed with PSG 2 years ago for a ridiculous amount of money, but he now wants to get back to Barcelona. PSG obviously is holding him hostage a bit in the sense that they are forcing Barcelona to some ultimatums.

Pretty straightforward. Naturally, PSG fans are fucking pissed. I mean their squad spent a record $263 million to bring him to PSG. So they held up signs this weekend in a Ligue 1 game telling Neymar ‘to fuck off’ and chanting ‘Neymar’s a son of a bitch.’ Both direct and to the point, so no real need for creativity here.

But guess what, PSG fans? You now have to deal with Rafaela, Neymar’s sister. And all she does (in my quick search) is post bikini pictures on Instagram and fires off on you.

Can’t say I blame her. This is just her standing up for her brother, a real ride or did sister. I can only remember one over here on American soil and that’s Rylee Martell – Tathan’s sister. I fully expect her to react to the news that Tathan (Tate) lost the Miami starting job.

Neymar’s sister telling PSG they won’t win anything is so laugh out loud funny though. She’s just on a roll and starting to put out crazy thoughts. I love it. I need more of it. This is part of the reason as to why I love soccer. We get crazy stories from soccer people, whether it’s attempted robberies, smokeshow WAG’s or sisters popping off on teams. Need more of it.

Oh, PSG also won the game 3-0 as she popped off.