Connor Fields Is An Absolute Mad Lad: Premier Lacrosse League Week 8 Recap

I mean…what in the actual goddamn heck is going on here? Wizardry? Tomfoolery? I’m starting to think that Connor Fields may actually be bad for the sport of lacrosse. Just think about it–what’s going to happen when all the best goalies and defensemen in the world decide to just quit because they realize there’s nothing they can do to stop this man? The game will be ruined forever, all because Connor Fields is a cheat code. I love highlight reels just as much as the next guy, but not if they come at the expense of an entire sport. Connor Fields owes us all an apology. This was aggressively cruel. And unfortunately for all the haters, there were plenty more highlights throughout the rest of the weekend in San Jose during week 8 PLL action.

Chaos 13 – Redwoods 10

There were 23 goals in this game and I’d say that about 15 of them were mixtape fuel. The boys were buzzin all over the place in game 1 of the weekend. You already saw Connor Fields put on a magic show for everyone out there. But while he was doing unspeakable things to a lacrosse ball, the Redwoods were back in the kitchen and they were getting all sorts of saucy out there. Starting, of course, with Ryder Garnsey. First up the kid almost decapitated Mark Glicini with this snipe.

Glicini is a goddamn psychopath for even trying to stop that shot. Lucky for him, Garnsey is a sniper and only has eyes for the corners or else that could have gotten ugly. And then after that, Garnsey decided to go kamikaze through the crease.

The kid was just wreaking havoc all over the place. HOWEVA…havoc often gets cancelled out by Chaos. And Myles Jones was the epitome of Chaos, especially when he snatched Tyler Dunn’s soul right here with a vicious bull dodge.

And that, my friends, is what we in the biz like to refer to as a Weight Room Issue. Little boy’d him, step down, turn & rake. Yikes.  That’s a tough scene right there. You might want to get a little better matchup against an absolute freak like Myles Jones. But it took too long for the Redwoods to figure that out,  and it resulted in the Chaos winning their 6th game of the season and becoming the first team this year to clinch a spot in the playoffs. Not a big deal.

Chrome 20 – Whipsnakes 16

Speaking of clinching a playoff spot, the Whipsnakes had a chance to clinch their ticket to the playoffs 2 weeks ago in Denver but then they lost 13-12 to the Chaos. They had another chance to punch their ticket on Saturday, but they dropped their 2nd game in a row now after getting lit up for 20 goals on the day. Considering the Chrome were able to toss 10 in the back of the net in the first quarter alone, you have to consider only giving up 20 on the game a success. But there’s no column in the standings for moral victories, so they take their 2nd L in a row.

Leading the way for Chrome was a pair of…experienced elder-men. Matt Danowski and Ned Crotty decided it was time to take over, and I can now confirm via multiple sources that they went off. 7 points on day from Crotty, and 3 goals from Danowski which included this grotesque snipe.

The Chrome have been having a pretty rough go at it so far this season. They’re just 2-6 on the year, and are pretty much completely out of the playoff picture now. But when this team wins,  they win big. They put up 19 goals in their first win of the season, and now they put up 20 here. They’re 2-6 but they have a goal differential of +4. If you’re having trouble trying to process that in your mind, it’s because it doesn’t make a single ounce of sense.  But maybe if they score 25 in each of their next 2 games, they could still have a small shot at the playoffs.

Sidenote: Bad game out of the Whipsnakes but I just have to give a quick shoutout here to Joe Nardella. The man came on the podcast last week, we hyped up him up as the best FoGo goal scorer in the league, and he followed that up with 2 goals this weekend.

That’s the stroke of a legend.

Archers 15 – Atlas 11

This was the game that had the most on the line this weekend. A win here would put one team in the playoff mix, and the loser would end up having a real rough path trying to get themselves into the playoffs in the final 2 weeks of the regular season. So in what was essentially the first playoff game in PLL history, the Archers figured it was time to let the arrows fly.

A couple goals out of Tom Schreiber. 4 goals out of Marcus Holman. 2 goals out of Joey Sankey in his Archers debut. Just some real light work for the Archers this weekend. That’s not to say they got out of this one without any collateral damage. These goals from Joel Tinney and Ryan Brown were enough to make anybody on the receiving end want to just keep the cleats up in their locker for the next few weeks.

The Tin Man with the hesi. Such a slick bastard out there. Looks like he’s set up to hit The Answer from range, tucks the stick from the trail check, walks straight in on cage and you can find that ball in the back of the net. Decent take, eh? And speaking of decent..

Good god. Ryan Brown is a lunatic for this one. His entire body is fading away from the cage and he still rips this shit low-to-high, corner pocket. Unfortunately for the Atlai, it just wasn’t enough. So now they drop to 3-5 and the Archers are up in 3rd place at 4-4. Only two more weeks to go in the regular season. Hold on to your butts.

P.S. – It was a great weekend for lacrosse in the PLL. But the best lacrosse of the weekend was being played up in Lake Placid, where GMH LC took home the championship. Might have had a little to do with one of the guys coaching on the sideline.

Or maybe it was because our team had guys like Tehoka Nanticoke, JT Giles-Harris, Nakeie Montgomery, Kyle Long, Pat Foley, Drake Porter and about 100 other different absolute studs on it.

Might just have to run it back in 2020.