Time Warner Faces The New York Jets In The Finals Of New York City Incompetence

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Well here we are, folks. A showdown of the 2 most incompetent organizations in the world. Time Warner absolutely trounced the Mets in the 1 v. 4 matchup. In a very, very close match, the Jets edged out the LIRR/MTA. Personally I would have voted for the MTA. They ruin millions of lives on a daily basis, multiple times a day. The Jets are a disaster but its a once a week fiasco for only a portion of the year. The MTA also sucks money from my pocket, so fuck them. But this is a democracy, and the people voted the Jets into the Finals of Incompetence. So here we are. Time Warner Cable/Internet vs. The Jets. In case you need a refresher on just how incompetent each are, here’s the tale of the tape once again:

#1 Overall seed – Time Warner – The laziest piece of shit company I’ve ever encountered. Worst case scenario, your cable and internet just flat out doesn’t work. Best case scenario, it works at like 50%. Channels blacked out, pixelated screens, broken DVRs, awful On Demand service. Slow internet, constantly cutting in and out, takes an eternity to download anything. And did I mention how they rape you with your bill and they hold you hostage because they have a pseudo-monopoly on New York City? I declared them a terrorist group on par with Al Qaeda on MailTime this week.


#2 seed – New York Jets – The organization is about to declare Mark Sanchez their starting QB again. Even though he’s literally been the worst in the league since 2009. His competition? Geno Smith. A rookie who completely sucks. Santonio Holmes says he can’t ever run again and probably won’t play this season just to be spiteful. They have zero offensive weapons. A lame duck coach who fucks feet for recreation. And an owner who cares about nothing but selling tickets and grabbing headlines. The organization is a goddam ZOO. There’s no semblance of a plan. No end in sight. If it wasn’t for a brief run of success a few years back, they could challenge Time Warner for the #1 seed.

Vote 1 for Time Warner is the most incompetent organization in the city Vote 10 for The New York Jets are the most incompetent in the city:

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