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Fish Tubes Took The Internet By Storm This Weekend

The internet works in mysterious ways. Every so often something will go viral for absolutely no reason at all. Sometimes it’s a new dance like the Harlem Shake. Sometimes it’s planking, and then owling. And over the weekend, well, it was fish tubes.

What is a fish tube? It’s an invention used to help salmon get over a dam that blocks their migratory needs, so scientists gave them a roller coaster to help them fuck. The fish then have no way of getting back, so it wasn’t completely thought through, but the idea of the fish tube entertained the internet for a couple of days nonetheless. And you know what? I don’t hate it. Sometimes it’s easy to be cynical about “internet things”, and I’ll be the first to be like “that’s stupid, I hate everyone, I hope everyone dies” but I dunno, this one tickled me.

Sometimes it’s the little things.