"Butt Kissing Flasher" Offering $200 To Chicks To Let Him Kiss Their Butts


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Huff PoPolice in Venice, Fla., are looking for a serial flasher with a bizarre M.O.: He allegedly offers his victims money in exchange for the right to kiss their posteriors. There have been at least four reports of the “Butt-Kissing Flasher” since Saturday. In one case, two women said he gave them a note asking if he could put his lips to either of their tushies for $200. “I’ll give one of you $200 or each of you $100 if you let me kiss your butt,” the note reads, according to WPBF-TV. He went on to write: “If you wave to me, I’ll drop to my knees and play with myself while you watch,” the Herald-Tribune reported. He promised to leave the money on the ground and walk away after the encounter. When the victims didn’t respond, he allegedly whipped off his towel and “performed inappropriate actions to himself,” one of the women told The Venice Scoop. Instead of taking the offer, the victims took a photo of him and the note, which The Venice Scoop posted on their Facebook page.

Sounds like pretty much the easiest 200 bucks I’ve ever heard of. Only problem is his pitch. 200 bucks for one or 100 bucks for each girl? No bro. 200 bucks to kiss my ass. 400 bucks to kiss both our asses. You’re not gonna get twice the butt kissing pleasure for the same amount of money. Thats basic economics.

Option 2 is where its at though. They wave to him, he jerks off on his knees, leaves 200 bucks on the ground and he walks away? Listen I don’t wanna condone public ass kissing and masturbation but someone out there is gonna agree to that. That dude is gonna be jerking off in public for 200 bucks for somebody either way. You might as well be the chicks who wave at him and pick up that 200 bucks. I can understand if you don’t want a pervert kissing your butt but more or less this dude is just offering 200 dollars to wave at him. Thats the easiest 200 you’ll ever make.