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Dude Gets Fired After Asking For Pot On Twitter


Globe And Mail – An online search for marijuana has turned into a job hunt for one Canadian Twitter user. Sunith Baheerathan caused an online stir when he issued a tweet requesting prospective pot sellers to bring some of their wares to a Mr. Lube location in a Toronto suburb. That location was Baheerathan’s place of employment until Tuesday, according to both the company and Baheerathan’s own tweets. Baheerathan first raised eyebrows when he expressed his workplace craving in a public tweet and appealed directly to those who may be able to satisfy it. “Any dealers in Vaughan wanna make a 20sac chop? Come to Keele/Langstaff Mr. Lube, need a spliff,” he wrote. But the tweet soon turned into a viral sensation when it caught the attention of local police, who lost no time in contributing to the online chatter.  “Awesome! Can we come too?” read the retort from the York Regional Police’s official Twitter feed. Moments later the twitter exchange was a trending topic in Toronto. Shortly after that, Baheerathan found himself looking for work. “Just got the call of termination,” he tweeted to a friend. An employer at the Mr. Lube location mentioned in Baheerathan’s controversial tweet, who would not share his name, confirmed that Baheerathan had been fired Tuesday but would not say whether his dismissal was related to his online activities. Phone calls to the head office of Mr. Lube in British Columbia were not immediately returned. Baheerathan responded to an interview request by retweeting it to his followers alongside several messages expressing consternation at his firing. “I’ve lost complete hope in society man. There’s killers/rapists/people missing and all they care about is a dude asking for weed,” he wrote in one tweet. “Gotta watch what you tweet nowadays, even the freedom of speech & the right to an entitled opinion isn’t safe,” read another.


I cannot think of any job more pathetic than being a twitter policeman. That makes Farva working dispatch look like a goddam hero. I don’t even know who they give that job to. Is it some office manager with nothing better to do? Is it an actual officer? Just some social media nerd hired to run their twitter? No matter who it is, if you fuck over some dude like this, you are the absolute worst. Just take a look at this twitter feed. Talking about how it’s too cold to go out in the boat: “Waiting for warmer weather. Brrrr…too cold right now!” After hitting 10,000 followers: “In recognition of reaching 10k followers, 1 lucky follower will receive a bag courtesy of YRP swag!” Give me a break. This is the official police twitter? York Police Sawg! LOL. ROFL! LMFAO! I mean just look at this:



If this doesn’t make your blood boil then you’re a total asshole.

The fact that some toolbag dicking around on twitter just like the rest of us morons who tweet has the power to get some guy fired is so gay. Especially for just trying to score a little weed. Gotta admit its pretty absurd to tweet the exact location of where you’d like the transaction to go down. Doesn’t leave much wiggle room for leniency. But the point still remains – being a twitter police officer is as lame as it gets