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According To Wikipedia Kaare Vedvik Is About To Become The Greatest Player In Bears History Who Isn't Even On The Bears


I knew the kicking controversy wasn’t going to go quietly into the night. The double doink, The Today Show, and not finding a sure footed replacement has all led up to it being a problem that still needed alot of closure.

However, I didn’t think that there’d be play by play guys calling a game for another conference instantly shouting out the Bears when a back up makes a field goal in a preseason game. I mean holy shit that kick didn’t even hit the netting before he brought up Kaare Vedvik possibly getting traded to the Bears because the Ravens have Justin Tucker.

I’m sure the Bears are aware of it, but what an impossible situation to be in. They probably went into the locker room last night happy that Elliott Fry drained a 43 yarder and was 1/1 on extra points, unbeknown to them that now everybody thinks it’s a no brainer that they go after Vedvik who went 4/4.

God bless Ryan Pace whose stress levels are probably already through the roof.