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Kid Dying Of Cancer Turned Down Vince Gilligan's Offer To Hear How Breaking Bad Ends




Warming Glow – After Walt warned his brother-in-law Hank to “tread lightly” during Sunday’s Breaking Bad, the screen faded to black and the name “Kevin Cordasco” appeared. The episode was dedicated to him, a Breaking Bad superfan who sadly passed away in the spring after a six-year battle with neuroblastoma. According to the Hollywood Reporter: “He and his friends watched it obsessively and ate pizza in his bedroom,” [Kevin’s father] tells THR. “There was something about the Walter White character…the way he took control of his illness, and his life, that really resonated with Kevin.” As his condition worsened, Kevin’s godmother asked her friend Kim Byrd, an agent at Innovative Artists, if she could help Kevin meet the cast and creator Vince Gilligan. Byrd’s colleague, Cher Van Amburg, is married to Sony TV marketing exec Chris Van Amburg, who reached out to star Bryan Cranston for help. “I literally got a call the next day from Bryan’s assistant,” says Byrd. Adds Cordasco, “Bryan and his wife sat with Kevin for hours at the hospital. And then Vince came to our house, along with some of the cast. They even invited Kevin to the writers room. He was beyond thrilled.” On the Breaking Bad Insiders podcast, Gilligan explained that he offered Cordasco, the first person to ever understandably self-identity with Walter White, the opportunity to know how Breaking Bad ends, as long as he didn’t tell anyone. He refused; he wanted to find out the same way as everyone else.

Kevin Cordasco is my hero. Legitimately heroic. The amount of self control it takes to turn down the chance to have the creator of your favorite television show reveal one of the most anticipated finales of all time is remarkable. Even without the added threat of potentially not living to see the ending. As far as I know, I’m not dying and I’m still nervous something might happen to me in the next 7 weeks and I’ll never know the ending. At the very least I would have had him write that shit down or something. Be able to read it before I passed away. But I guess thats the difference between me and Kevin Cordasco. Kid was such a boss he didn’t want any special treatment. Just got to meet the cast and crew and that was enough for him. I woulda demanded to know the ending as well as be in the fucking show. I would have wanted to be the kid that Todd shot or at the very least that kid who was driving the remote control car in the street last episode that I thought for sure was gonna be murdered. But thats because I’m a soft nancy would would expect preferential treatment. Not Kevin Cordasco.

Dude was just like Walter White minus the drugs and psychosis and mass murder.