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Reader Email: How Much Should I Spend On A Ticket To The Field Of Dreams Game?

Big news came out re: the White Sox this afternoon.  I will address that news at the bottom, but first let’s get nice on a White Sox mailbag:

First question:

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See the previous question.  If you’re comfortable dropping upwards of $1500 for a ticket, that’s your prerogative.  If I wasn’t covering it I’d drop the $1500 though and make a weekend out of it.  Fuck it, it’s only money.  Anything more than that… probably a pass though.  For a World Series ticket I’d probably do $2000 or so.

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Excellent question.  I think Moncada is a super star and still getting better.  That he can be one of the very best players in baseball.  Robert too, but let’s let him see big league pitching first.  Eloy will put up all the sexy stats, but Moncada and Robert will be better all around players.

I think Moncada, Giolito, Anderson and Kopech are all very marketable.  They each have good personalities and can be at the tops of their class as players.  So I’ll answer it this way: why not all of them?  Because that’s what the Sox are looking to do with this.

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1. I disagree that the sox have no shot with Renteria as the manager.  If they have a loaded 25 man he won’t have to do shit.  He’ll be able to fill out the lineup and let ‘em fly.  Hopefully the analytics department teaches how to construct said lineup.  That, and he stops bunting all the goddamn time.  Other than that, he’s bilingual and all that stuff, which is good.  In the end, better players win games, not necessarily managers.  The vast majority of them are all the same.

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1. His price won’t be dick, so that’s irrelevant
2. They’re going to sign starting pitching.  Cole is a pipe dream IMO, but Hamels, Travis Wood, and solid to better options do exist and they will be all over those guys.  That and Kopech/Dunning/Rodon will be back.  Nova could *maybe* operate as an innings eater if need be, but the organization will be shooting higher than the Ivan Novas of the world.  If he wants to stay in AAA and operate as a spot start sure.  Otherwise fuck that


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I will absolutely pitch the organization on this this offseason.  Those vests were the shit.

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Sox fans have become super negative recently, and I sort of get it I sort of don’t.  I feel like they’d freak out if Madrigal isn’t some superstar.  But I’d be more than happy with him slashing .300/.330 with 35 SBs in the 9 hole turning the order over to Robert, Moncada, Eloy, etc.  But if he does turn into some stud top of the order bat a la Whit Merrifield, even better, that goes without say.

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This is a REALLY tough question and I’m going to try to answer without bias.  Glasnow has video game shit, but is also hurt.  That doesn’t mean Cease will be a 200IP+ workhorse, but it’ll be tough for Glasnow to be that guy.  He has really long levers and if I were to guess, he’ll be injury prone for a lot of his career in spite of his other worldly shit.

Meadows is a better all around player than Eloy.  He can actually field a baseball and steal bases.  Eloy can’t do those things.  But Eloy will be an offensive machine for a long time.  Meadows will be a really good offensive player for a long time, Eloy could win home run titles once he figures it out.  I’m talking one of the premier hitters in baseball.  He’ll get there, it’s just taking a second.  Meadows is also a few years older and had a lot more MiLB plate appearances.  It’s only a matter of time before Eloy takes off and is hitting 40+ bombs a year.  We already have a way better version on Meadows in the pipeline in Robert.  So gun to head… Eloy/Cease.  By a hair.

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GREAT question.  Stiever has been lighting it up in Winston Salem.  Apparently he ditched his sinker and has adopted the new age method of 4 seamers up in the zone/ breaking pitches down and out of the zone.  Hitters are now working on getting lift under the ball to hit it in the air with carry. Sinkers naturally line up with those bat paths and get hit a long way.  When hitters were taught to swing down and level, sinkers would naturally cause a ton of ground balls.  Now they can’t get away with that, so pitchers are working up in the zone with 4 seams.

And Stiever is doing just that, working 94-95 and topping out at 97ish with command of three pitches.

He’s rocketing up the prospect rankings right now and could absolutely be a middle of the rotation guy which would be a great score out of a 5th rounder.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see him mid 2020 after getting a taste at Birmingham this year.

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1. Some BS article came out last year where they said the Sox only have 2 people in the analytics department last year.  That’s patently false.  That doesn’t mean they couldn’t improve in that realm, but none of us know how they operate at all.  Obviously the major league results haven’t been good but it’s a rebuild for a reason.  The Astros lost 105+ games for 3 straight years before becoming good.  The Sox are working on that.  I was also told Chris Getz was a “grand slam hire” when they anointed him director of player development.  Only one man’s opinion, but Getz is well thought of in the industry.

2. Hard pass.  He’s no different than Renteria, maybe even worse.  He bunts in 0-0 games in the 2nd inning.  Gross.  No thank you.

3. Yes, that will be an absurdly hard ticket to get

Home stretch – and I will reiterate this re: the Field of Dreams game:

This game was pitched to MLB by the White Sox and the owners of the Field of Dreams.  Not the other way around.  The White Sox are using this as a publicity stunt to show off what should be an awesome young crop of talent.  They could have done a game at Fort Bragg, the LLWS field, etc., but they chose this location to pitch to MLB because it made sense with the Movie.  This is not something MLB approached the White Sox about.  The White Sox fully plan on contending next year and wanted to throw an event that was all eyes on their product.  This is the idea that they came up with, and it was a home run.

So let’s nip that in the bud.

Anyways, let’s have a little mailbag.  We’re wrapping up what I deem a successful season.  2019 was always about growth out of the young guns.  Moncada and Giolito have emerged as studs, Lopez has been excellent in the 2nd half, and Madrigal/Robert are really close to breaking through to Chicago.  They’ll win about 73-75 games, a 10+ game improvement from a year ago, though the roster is largely the same.  Development was been fantastic