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Now We Have DeMarcus Cousins Crashing A Park In The Bahamas And Destroying A Random Dude While Wearing Sandals

I love everything about this. From Draymond Green’s fanny pack to DeMarcus Cousins going directly on the court in his sandals and dominating a random dude from the Bahamas in 1v1. He even held back! He could have just started attacking the rim and crossing the dude over so he held it to a couple dribbles and a three.

I absolutely can’t stop laughing at what Boogie is doing this summer.

Imagine being one of the guys here. This is every pick up hoopers dream. The chance to play against an NBA guy and you ball out. Unfortunately the last part didn’t happen. I mean, like I said, you literally dream of this moment and I’m pretty sure there are movies like this. You go viral for doing something and you never know what a team will do.

I really wish someone got under Draymond’s skin here. Would have been an all-time video if that happened.