Of Course Kevin Durant Made Sure To Remind Us He's A Net Instead Of A Knick Because James Dolan Is A Loser

[Source] - The Knicks were viewed as Durant’s primary destination for much of the year.

“That was crazy. Everyone was saying that,” Trier said.

The Nets have a nice young nucleus, a bright head coach in Kenny Atkinson and a promising young general manager in Sean Marks, but not many predicted the organization would overshadow the Knicks for elite talent this offseason.

“If I was leaving the Warriors, it was always going to be for the Nets,” Durant said. “They got the pieces and a creative front office. I just like what they were building.”

Creative front office. That line right there. That just tells me all I need to know. Kevin Durant had zero desire to be around James Dolan. I mean it can’t be that shocking when this report came out

That would be the least surprising, dumb Knicks move ever. I know Achilles injury sucks. But we’re talking about Kevin Durant here. The dude is a 7-footer, who can create for himself and is a knockdown shooter because it’s nearly impossible to contest his shot with his length and form. I’m not that worried about it. Let’s not forget that we’re also the goddamn Knicks. We should be taking that risk 100% of the time on someone like Durant.

Yeah, yeah, I know Durant said a whole lot of other things in the interview with Haynes, but this is my takeaway. He knows James Dolan is a loser. I mean Kenyon Martin just came out and said that this is the problem

Now I don’t fully believe that Durant thought it was always Nets or Warriors. Vegas doesn’t change odds like that without some sort of information. There wouldn’t be a report that Kyrie pushed them towards the Nets. He for sure looked at the Knicks. But then he probably saw James Dolan and remembered it’s James Dolan. We’re fucked for so long.