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#BreakingBadDeathPool Update

One week gone by in Breaking Bad – zero deaths. So that means we roll it over for another week. Add to grand prize every episode that goes by without a winner. Since we’re moving on to week 2, we’re gonna add a Wild Card winner to the mix. Right now, every potential character has been locked in. So, whoever ends up being the first person to have guessed the correct death, they automatically win. We’ll then pick a second Wild Card winner at random. That way you can still join the Death Pool with a chance to win. Answer the three questions, make your death pick, and give us your twitter handle. As soon as someone kicks the bucket in the final 7 episodes, we’ll announce the winners. Some stats from the 800+ people that have already entered:

– Todd was the most popular choice in the Death Pool, checking in with 23% of the vote. He was my pick.

– Lydia was second at 14%. Lydia is such a fucking pussy. How could a chick so fucking afraid be this heavy in the meth game?

– Steve Gomez, who a lot of people thought was a sleeper pick, was actually 3rd most popular at 13%

– 5% of people picked Jesse

– Walt got less than 1% of the vote.

– Skylar White got 5% as well. I wish I could make it 105% and make sure that dumb bitch ends up in a box.

Here’s the full list of all characters and which people are locked in as the winners, if they end up being correct:

23.00% Todd – @jemappellepaul
14.00% Lydia – @ayers_sam
13.00% Gomez – @deanthedream_34
6.00% Skinny @PeteDan_Lyons76
6.00% Ted – @jryan9307
6.00% Badger – @achartwastaken
6.00% Saul – @jgeyerj
6.00% Hank – @DoctorDinosaurr
5.00% Jesse – @amcnick
5.00% Marie – @juanmoriarty
5.00% Skylar – @ryanmcl92
1.00% Secretary – @jcmorgan
1.00% Todd’s Uncle – @DJRAEPSTYK
1.00% Holly – @plinn16
<1% Declan – @Cmi318
<1% Andrea – @Reddogwrangler
<1% Walt Jr. – @delihands
<1%Old Joe – @50senft
<1% Huell – @sevenhundo
<1%Kuby – @shanahanfilms
<1%Walt – @NoSmacks
<1% Brock – @bedger82
<1% Kenny – @50senft
<1% Elliot – @50senft
<1%Gretchen – @50senft
<1%Bogdan – @sbaillargeon15

Now all the original entries know where they stand. If you want to join now, you can still be a Wild Card winner. If you answer correct and get randomly selected, you’ll win a bunch of official Breaking Bad gear from

PS – Maybe Jesse picks up some new votes now that Badger said he was gonna “miss the end” of the story? Each episode that goes by you can probably pick up some more clues as to who might live and who might die.