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Because Of The FBI Investigation, Auburn Had Secret Sanctions And Weren't Allowed To Do Any Sort Of Recruiting.. Wait, Huh?

I’ll be honest. This is something I’ve never seen before or even heard something like this before. Auburn, one of the teams that had an assistant coach arrested during the FBI investigation and had two guys sit out for a year, had secret sanctions.

Don’t get me wrong there are probations where you’re limited on how many official visits you can have, scholarships, etc. But, the fact that Auburn couldn’t have official/unofficial visits, call anyone, go to any games or even evaluate recruits for over 6 months is absolutely wild. Throw in the fact that Auburn has a top-20 class for this year and it’s even more of a crazy story.

I still get so pissed when this FBI investigation is brought up – and the fact that it’s still going on. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like it’s actual cheating – it happens in college football, basketball and every other major sport. What it’s doing is hurting those who haven’t done anything problematic. What if one of these recruits had a dream of going to Auburn but couldn’t get an offer because of these sanctions?

Again, I’ve just never heard of a major college (especially a public one) keeping these sanctions secret like this. It’s a wild thing.

Now let’s take a look at Bruce Pearl who has already said he expects more to come.