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Rory Absolutely ROASTS Matt Kuchar After Kuchar Makes A Comment About Money

That’s a clean shot from Rory. Not a ricochet shot to be found there, just a totally clean shot. How dumb is Matt Kuchar to be talking about money in public like that? Talk about leaving yourself exposed. Kuchar must think people have forgotten all about the saga where he stiffed a caddy down in Mexico and had it spiral into a complete and utter PR disaster for Kuch. People have most certainly not forgotten, his own peers clearly haven’t forgotten. That comment from Rory has to eat Kuchar up inside because he knows other players talk shit about him behind his back about what he did. I hope the jabs never stop coming at Kuchar for the rest of his career/life, I loved it. I love Rory.

You know who really loved it? Brooks Koepka. Brooks Koepka loved what Rory said. I haven’t seen Brooks laugh and smile that wide since I told him the John Deere Classic is the 5th major

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There’s a chance Brooks didn’t actually hear what Rory said and was just laughing to laugh with everybody, we’ve all been there, but I think he heard him.

Throwback to when Phil fired similar shots at Kuchar while cruising down Magnolia Lane