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I Love Max Scherzer Going With "Brown Eye" For His Nickname On The Back Of His Jersey

Had to give a quick shoutout to Max Scherzer for the greatest move in modern baseball history. This tops his 3 Cy Youngs, his multiple 20 strikeouts games, his 2 no-hitters in 2015, and all his other accomplishments. Putting “Brown Eye” on the back of his jersey takes the cake. It’s Max Scherzer to a tee. He knows *exactly* what he’s doing, but nobody can say anything because he’s technically talking about his eye color. Does anyone actually call him that? Nope, not even close. But to be fair, I don’t think anyone calls his “Blue Eye” either. But Max set this up by putting it on his jersey last year, and he has now pulled off the best name-on-back in MLB history. And if MLB tries to stop him…well…he dares you to try.