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And the Pussification of America Continues: Feminists Trying To Say Iowa's Pink Lower Rooms Are Illegal For Using "Pink Shaming" Tactics


ALTOONA The University of Iowa is leaving itself exposed to legal challenge based on discriminatory action by continuing to have a pink visitors locker room at Kinnick Stadium that jokingly conveys a “sexist and homophobic” message, two attorneys told LGBTQ conference attendees Wednesday. Jill Gaulding, co-founder of Minnesota-based Gender Justice and a former tenure-tracked faculty member at the university, said the Kinnick locker room first painted pink in the 1980s during Hayden Fry’s run as Hawkeye football coach and later redone in 2005 is one of a growing number of sports-related traditions that use “pink shaming” and “cognitive bias” to deride their opponents and try to “get in their heads.”

“Most people understand the pink locker room as a taunt against the other team, calling them a bunch of ladies/girls/ sissies/pansies/etc.,” according to an information sheet Gaulding and Gender Justice law partner Lisa Stratton distributed to the workshop attendees. “I think every institution that is using pink or gender as a shaming joke reinforces that idea across the entire culture and that is why it is so harmful,” Gaulding said. “It’s not OK for them to put up a banner that says it’s bad to be a girl. It’s not OK for them to build a pink locker room that conveys that same idea.”

Pink shaming? That’s a thing? Feminists are so fucking wild I can’t even stand it. Just inventing new things to dyke out about. Believe it or not they are actually starting to win me over with this shit. Just so relentless with their insanity you kind of got to respect it. My question is why stop with attacking pink lockerooms though? If pink is so evil why not try to ban pink everywhere? I mean you can’t have this weak girly color just floating around in society promoting rape culture and holding back the women’s movement. You might as well just put shackles on sluts. Because as long as the color pink exists and is subconsciously associated with girls, girls will always be viewed as the weaker sex who only exist to get fucked and cook men dinner. Hell No! Pink Must Go! Hell No! Pink Must Go! Hell No Pink Must Go!