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Does Baker Mayfield Respect The Troops TOO MUCH?

Wow! Baker Mayfield is at it again, folks. Look at this guy being disruptive and not listening to his coaches!

You just know that NAME REDACTED is going to shit his pants over this one.


I don’t want to say I just predicted the future, but I think I might have predicted the future.

That comment would be a lot like this comment, which came from very much not the same guy as NAME REDACTED

Look, here’s the deal, I don’t understand the Baker Mayfield hate unless you’re A) a Ravens fan, B) a Steelers fan, C) a Bengals fan or D) a Texas Longhorns fan. Everyone else (including the random Chiefs guys who always tweet me pictures and GIFs of Mahomes????) is just a hater, loser or both. He’s your average, everyday dude who knocks over every doubter in his way.

Man of the people.

2018 Cleveland Browns Training Camp

Electric celebrity.

King of Cleveland.

Buy a shirt.

SIDE NOTE: Baker had another great practice today. His ability to fit the ball into tight windows added with OBJ’s strength of snagging every ball in his vicinity is starting to make me sweat over here…