Brady and Gisele's House is For Sale. Or is It???

NBC Sports, BostonTom Brady has put his Brookline home on the market.

The five-bedroom home, built in 2015, has a listing price of $39.5 million. It sits on five acres adjacent to the ninth hole of The Country Club. … 

Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen, according to the New York Post, have been house hunting in Greenwich, Conn. and Alpine, NJ lately. …

Brady recently agreed to a new contract with the Patriots that gives him an $8 million raise for 2019. He touched upon his contract — which was initially reported as a two-year extension but carries no guarantees beyond this year — on Monday while meeting with reporters.

“It is what it is,” he said. “That’s a good line, so whoever said it, it’s very pertinent. Like I said, there’s a lot of guys who have one year left on their contracts, so the situation — I’ve got one year to go, and we’ll see what happens.”

So we got how much time – 48 hours, give or take? – of feeling good about Tom Brady’s contract extension. Two days before it went from unrestrained optimism about a future filled with the kind of unbridled hope you only hear in Valedictorian speeches delivered by attractive, popular girls, to the dog meme:fine

I don’t know any other way to react. Or any way at all to spin the idea that Brady & Gisele have put their house on the market in a positive way. Which just so happens to be my default setting in all their personal affairs that are none of my business. From Gisele telling that creepshow Charlie Rose she wants her husband to retire to talking about him being “appreciated” on “Tom vs. Time” to them kissing their kids on the mouth to jumping off cliffs with them. Whenever I’m faced with a situation where I don’t know what to think, I choose to believe the thing I want to be true. It’s like my personal Occam’s Razor. But in this case, it’s hard to slap a happyface emoji on a For Sale sign outside their family home in Brookline, just a mile or so away from Mr. Kraft’s.

Fortunately it looks like I don’t have to. Because for whatever reason, it looks like the metaphorical sign has been taken down:

Brady House 2

As far as what that means, consider my palms up and my shoulders shrugged. In the Nancy Drew story “The Case Of the Mysterious Real Estate Listing,” your guess is as good as mine.  The whole thing just invites more questions with zero answers. Why list a home only to unlist it a few hours later? Did somebody buy it already? If so, how? Who spends $40 million on a house, sight unseen? For that matter, what family with kids puts their house on the market just before the start of the school year? Why it get listed the day after he signed a new contract? Is it because he’s disappointed in the deal? What’s with the specific mentions of them looking in Connecticut and New Jersey, other than those are the two states playing bracket coverage on New York?

It’s like unraveling a giant, cable knit sweater that someone keeps knitting, and knitting, and knitting and knitting. The important thing is that whatever caused it, the listing has been taken off Zillow and all is right with the world again.

Oh, shit:

Stay tuned, I guess.