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Gregg Popovich Has No Idea Why He Hired Tim Duncan, Says He Actually Doesn't Know A Lick About Coaching

You know what? This is starting to become a sneaky favorite part of the upcoming season. Popovich and Duncan have that unique relationship where they can just make fun of each other and have been around each other for 20 years. So bringing Duncan back to the Spurs means we get this along with Duncan’s incredible fashion style.

Spurs games are going to be must-watch because of the bench. I mean we do know what the Spurs are going to do. They are not going to be talked about enough, then fly under the radar to 48 wins and the 6 seed. It’s what they do every single year. But now toss in Timmy on the bench and we may see him and Pop getting into it forgetting a game is going on.

We even have Kerr jumping in on his old teammate

The NBA world is a better place now that Timmy is back. Let’s get this goddamn season started already.