ARod Is Coming Home

New YorkThe last time Alex Rodriguez played a game at Yankee Stadium, he and his teammates were being booed by the home crowd during the Bombers’ ignominious ALCS performance against the Tigers. A-Rod will hear some jeers when he takes the field Friday for his first game in the Bronx since last October — coincidentally, against those same Tigers — though his performance will have nothing to do with it. The shamed superstar played three games in Chicago this week after returning from the disabled list, and now that he has officially appealed the 211-game suspension handed to him by Major League

The media is having a field day with this one huh? ESPN even dug Olberman out of his grave to get his fucking opinion on ARod coming back to the Bronx. At the end of the day, and I have said this 1 million times before, real Yankee fans only care about results. Put a needle in your ass and tranny under your arm all you want, as long as you his .300 and drive in some fucking runs.

First time to the plate some people are going to boo and some people are going to cheer but that doesn’t add break to a curveball or speed to a fastball. If Alex hits then we will all cheer, most likely tomorrow when is stops raining.

PS: Anyone who thought that he wasn’t on steroids this whole time is a fucking moron. We all knew it and loved it when he won an MVP or a World Series for us.

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KFC Editor’s Note: You idiots might as well cheer him because your Captain is busy playing grab ass with Jimmy Fallon these days. That was a cute little fashion show/showcase he did last night.