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If 4,500 Students Go To Texas Tech's First Home Game, Chris Beard Is Going To Officiate A Fan's Wedding And Provide Whataburger

This seems like a no-brainer here if you’re a Texas Tech student. You have to attend this game no matter what now. It’s not the clearest if Beard is proving Whataburger for the wedding or for the 4,500 students, but you can’t take that risk. You’re in college. Anything that’s potentially free is close to a must attend during those 4 years.

Oh, not to mention that it’s also Texas Tech basketball – you know, the team that lost to Virginia in the national title game last year. Just a hunch but there will probably be some sort of celebration then. I mean these fans love Beard too:

Beard is awesome, man. The dude just gets it. He talks about drinking beers at the Final Four. He’s one of the best coaches in the game. He’s turned Zhaire Smith and Jarrett Culver into lottery picks. He’s building something at Tech.

These fans are really living it up too. Throwing out having Beard officiate your wedding. He’s crazy enough to say yes. So let’s make it happen. Get that student section filled because I need to see Beard with a ton of Whataburger.