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The Boston Celtics Are The Only Ones Who Care About America

Another day, another NBA player turning their back on their country and opting out of Team USA. Yesterday we had Andre Drummond, today it’s Landry Shamet, LANDRY SHAMET who is opting out of his spot on the Team USA Select team. Now these are the guys that just go to camp and practice against the actual roster, but even still what world are we living in where Landry Shamet is too good for Team USA? He wants to prepare for a deep playoff run with the Clippers as if their success relies more on him being fresh in May/June than Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. It’s bananas. One would think being exposed to those workouts as a 21 year old would be beneficial but hey, once AD opted out and everyone else started following suit I can’t say I’m surprised.

But you know who doesn’t hate America? The Boston Celtics. You won’t see any of their guys opting out and turning their back on our fine country. They have pride and they know what type of opportunity this truly is to represent your country while kicking some basketball ass.

So just remember this the next time you want to troll and talk some shit on this team. You’re basically taking a giant piss on your own country. Because while other players are showing their true colors and are cowards, the Celtics foursome is committed to not only saving Team USA, but getting a head start on what will be a prime opportunity to save their own franchise after what we all watched last year.

Oh and if Team USA wakes up and realizes they now need more centers, I have just the guy