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Honest Trailers: Breaking Bad

A) This has spoilers. But to be perfectly honest if you’re still not caught up on Breaking Bad and you’re planning on watching it, you don’t get to complain about spoilers. Its almost fucking over. You’re too late. I don’t care if I ruin it for you.

B) This is so incredibly spot on. There have never been truer words than these two statements:

“Seriously, you better tune in fast if you wanna avoid being ostracized by white people. Its all they talk about.”

“The best HBO style drama that can use the F word or show any boobs, it finally got TV snobs to stop talking about the wire.”

It basically hits the nail on the head with every single nuance of the show. The only thing I think they missed was a reference to Walt Jr. changing his name to Flynn for 5 minutes, and when those fucking airplanes collided in mid air. Other than that they got absolutely everything.

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