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Forget Steph and Klay, These Two Pool Basketball Superstars Are The Future New Splash Bros of 2036

This is how I imagine the Curry brothers grew up. Seth would be playing around in the pool, draining a few long shots in a row thinking he was hot shit. That’s when Steph picked up the ball blindfolded on one leg and made four in a row from the driveway on the opposite side of the house. They both would make the NBA, but one would always be living in the other’s shadow.

The first kid here thought he was the king of the world after making two in a row. No one had ever accomplished such a feat in the history of this household. While he was in the midst of dreaming what NBA jersey he’d be putting on at the draft podium, his brother stepped up and drained not one, not two, not three, but four bombs in a row. We don’t actually see him make the first, but I’ll take his word for it. Either way, these kids have IT. I’ll take them over Bronny Jr. or Zaire Wade any day of the week. MSG in 2036 is going to be LIT. If I’m still alive, it’ll finally be the Knicks time. Do whatever it takes to get these two kids in The Garden.

Side note: That has to be one of the nicest pools I’ve ever seen. It’s just wild how much wealthier some people are than you or I. We had a jacuzzi growing up on my backyard deck. I thought that shit was awesome. The new splash bros here live in a goddamn castle with a bridge overlooking the in-ground pool. I kind of wish my mom didn’t retire as a lawyer when she had me as a kid. Was I really that much trouble that she had to stop working and prevented us from living in this kind of kingdom? I’m lashing out, but I really wanted a pool growing up and didn’t get one.