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Today In Jeff McNeil Is Fucking Awesome: McNeil Just Made A Catch On The Run And Hung On After Launching Into The Protective Netting

The Flying Squirrel is airborne! I repeat, the Flying Squirrel is airborne! And chalk that up as a W for the Pro Net people, because a lucky fan or three missed out on getting that Flying Squirrel’s flying nuts directly to their face with the force of a Gary Sheffield line drive.

As a Mets fan that has seen his favorite team ruin countless players in countless different ways, I have to say Jeff McNeil has officially left me flummoxed. Usually this franchise can break a man down either mentally or physically through years of mismanagement. But Jeff McNeil simply will not allow that to happen. The Mets acquire Robinson Cano and his anchor of a contract to take McNeil’s natural position away? No worries. Dude focuses on his game, keeps raking, and now leads the league in batting average. The Mets shift him around the field to different positions? All he does is lead the Mets in runs saved at those positions and while also recklessly flying into nets like a fucking madman. The wife hits with him a hard Maybe about buying a puppy? Jeff goes yard a few hours and pretty much forces her hand into adopting the pooch.

I hate to even say something like this because it could be seen as a jinx. But I think Jeff McNeil may be the first ever Wilpon-proof position player. Because all he does is hit and field despite the organization’s best efforts to distract him. I think it’s safe to say Jacob deGrom handles his business despite the offense and bullpen consistently fucking him over once every five days. But McNeil pumps out All-Star production despite playing out of position nightly, having a dope for a manager, and a chucklhead for an owner. The dude is a straight up natural, which explains how he started playing baseball as a senior in high school, only got on the team because his brother was a prospect, and is now in The Show leading the league in hitting.

TL;DR- I fucking LOVE Jeff McNeil and the boys are hot!